Tyffany, better known as Tyff, just celebrated her 30th birthday and is feeling happier than ever. Tyff is the very first designer trained at Inspired-Threads.  She’s been working hard on her serging and sewing skills for 2 years now and she has become really really awesome at it!

Last year, Tyff took an exciting step and moved into her own apartment. Tyff’s apartment is part of a supported housing complex that provides staff to help her with important stuff like grocery shopping, budgeting, cooking, and cleaning. This is great because she’s got access to help while she’s working toward independence. Plus, she was able to bring her dog, Bella, along with her to her new place. So Tyff has her fluffy best friend as a roommate. Bella is a Yorkie Bichon and looks a little like an Ewok from Star Wars. Soooo cute!

Now that she’s got her own place, Tyff has room to stretch her creativity. She’s been having lots of fun crocheting, drawing and, of course, sewing (Tyff’s got her own brand new, fancy sewing machine!)

What else can we tell you about Tyff? She’s a multi-sport athlete. She stays busy all year, training and competing in Special Olympics sports like bowling, soccer, snow-shoeing, basketball, rowing, and track & field.

Fun fact...she’s a collector of all things Snoopy!



Patrice is an artist, athlete, mentor, and totally cool person.  She does have a disability, but honestly, it's probably the least interesting thing about her. Patrice is always full of positive energy and can turn even the most insignificant conversation into something fun! 


Patrice lives independently and her apartment is just like her – eclectic, creative, and perfectly accessorized.  Her apartment is filled with every single craft imaginable.  And a spectacular model train village is on display all year round.  


During the school year, Patrice works as a crossing guard during the school week waving to each vehicle driving by.


Patrice is also a Special Olympics competitive figure skater and proudly displays all her medals along the wall in her apartment. She even sews her own bright, cheerful and, most often, pink costumes. 


While Patrice isn’t sewing, crafting, competing or working, she acts as a mentor to her Special Olympics teammates and donates her unique artwork for public display at local venues. “When you spend your time doing positive things, you don’t have time to get caught up in negative things.” Patrice lives by this motto, and she hopes everyone can do the same.



Joey and Kevin have been best friends for almost 20 years and it's rare to see one without the other.  Not only do these guys know how to sew, they can bake and serve up some scrumptious desserts.  

With Kevin in his last year of school and actively transitioning to adult life, and Joe having graduated two years ahead of him, both are working hard to reach their dream of living independently as members of their community. Inspired-Threads is providing both with a fantastic opportunity to develop valuable work skills and become part of a positive, supportive and fun team-based workplace.


Along with his training at Inspired-Threads, Joe works part-time at Robert Wood Johnson Hospital in Hamilton, NJ. 


Through the school transition program, Kevin is participating in two job sampling positions in a restaurant and grocery store.  It’s all preparation for his long-term goal is to work for a major league sports organization and be a singer.

When they're not serving up their unique blend of Inspired-Threads joy, they will either be on the court, competing with their Special Olympics teammates, or riding the coasters at Six Flags. 


The bottom line on Joey & Kevin is that they ALWAYS do, whatever they do, with an open heart and a joyful spirit.  Try not to smile when you're around these two...we double-dog dare you. 


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