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Torrent Autocad 2014 French Windows 7 32 Bit




Click **Window menu**. Click **Language**. The Language dialog box opens. Click the **AutoCAD 2014** tab. Click **Add**. Navigate to the **English** folder, click **English**, and click **OK**. Click the **Language** tab. Navigate to the **Language** folder, click the **Language you want to use** folder, and click **OK**. The Language dialog box opens with the new language and its subfolders listed. Click **Windows**. Click **AutoCAD Settings**. The AutoCAD Settings dialog box opens. Click **Add Language**. In the **Add AutoCAD Language** dialog box, browse to the folder that contains the language file you want to add. Note: AutoCAD's language files are not compressed. If you need to transfer a language file between different computers, you must first unzip it. A You cannot add more than one language. Click the **AutoCAD Settings** tab. Click the **AutoCAD Settings** button. Click **AutoCAD**. The Settings dialog box opens. Click **Yes** to confirm you want to add the language to AutoCAD. The Language tab of the AutoCAD Settings dialog box opens, and AutoCAD starts using the language you selected. TIPS How can I use multiple languages in AutoCAD? You can use more than one language at a time in AutoCAD. To select multiple languages, follow steps **1** to **4**, and then click **Add Languages** in the Language tab of the Settings dialog box. The dialog box lists your languages in alphabetical order. What is a language pack? A language pack is a compressed language file that contains an AutoCAD application program and language files. AutoCAD 2014 comes with several language packs installed. To make sure the language pack you need is installed, open the **Window menu** and click **Help**. Select **AutoCAD help**. Disable the Use Windows Language Pack for Language Selection in Autodesk® AutoCAD® 2014 You



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Torrent Autocad 2014 French Windows 7 32 Bit

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