We know we are better and stronger when we work together. We are we’re engaging community organizations, volunteers and our supporters to be active partners in our movement to make wearing a mask a symbol of caring and community.

Building A Network

Inspired-Threads makes wearing a mask part of a movement

of inclusion, empowerment, and positive change.

2500 masks is a huge goal. And we can’t do it alone. In line with our business philosophy, we’re engaging supporters and members of our movement for equity in employment and opportunity. We’re building networks of volunteers through organizations such as the Girl Scouts, church groups, and individuals who are part of the Inspired-Threads community who will prepare kits, sew and deliver locally.

Keeping with our employment mission, we offer materials and support for individuals with I/DD and caregivers who have access to a sewing machines to stitch their own masks. This provides an opportunity for skill development and community engagement during this time of isolation and programming shut-

Inspired-Threads provides all materials, precut, free-of-charge. In addition, we’ve created easy-to-follow training videos and offer one-to-one and group sessions on Zoom.

Partnering with Isles
With the common mission of providing PPE to our state’s most vulnerable and underserved
communities, Inspired-Threads and Isles joined forces in May to produce masks for families living below the poverty line in Trenton. Inspired-Threads committed to sew & deliver 1500 cloth masks by fall. These masks are designed with an opening for a removable filter and nose wire for added security. And they feature a variety of bright, cheerful patterns. To date, 500 masks have been stitched and supplied to the Isles team, including:

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