We’re engaging these communities, along with a team of volunteers and partners, to ensure access, free-of-charge, to our adaptive face masks. And we’re supplementing masks with a bi-lingual, visual guide, written in plain language, to help explain why masks are important, where and when to wear a mask, and how to safely wear and remove them.

Inspired-Threads plans to sew and disseminate over 3,000 cloth face-masks to vulnerable communities in our local area. To date, 500 masks have already been delivered through our partnership with Isles, Inc. in Trenton, NJ for distribution to their low-income families. 1,000 have been promised by fall. And we are actively working toward our goal of stitching and distributing at least 1,500 masks for people with I/DD and their families, caregivers and support providers. And there’s more! In addition to standard masks in youth and adult sizes, we are creating adaptive design options that make the masks easier and more comfortable for people with unique needs. And, in keeping with our eco-friendly mission, every mask is made from new, high-quality textiles that were headed to landfill.

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