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Kevin is an athlete, music and movie lover, and chief-inspirer at Inspired Threads! He is one of our original trainees and is developing his speaking and video production skills to spread our mission and promote our blankets.

While Kevin enjoys exploring fabrics to create his blanket collections, his work at Inspired Threads builds on his unique strengths as a joyful and inspiring, people-person and creative video maker.  Focused on sales, outreach, and communications, Kevin is eager for COVID to end so he can go back on the road representing Inspired Threads.

A recent graduate from West Windsor High School North, Kevin was named "Mr. Positive" and elected honorary co-captain after seven years competing and serving as the high school swim team's spirit-leader.  Kevin is an avid sports fan and a Special Olympics multi-sport athlete. He is most proud of his gold medal, butterfly stroke in swimming, and champion floor hockey team.

As a sports enthusiast, Kevin's big dream is to work for a professional sports organization and become a coach for younger kids.  He continues to work on his writing, public speaking, and advocacy skills. He plans to bring his message and his friends' stories living with disability to the Governor and President someday soon.



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