An Intentionally Inclusive Workforce

At Inspired-Threads, we are getting creative and purposeful when it comes to the employment of our most vulnerable community members. To achieve our mission of successful employment for all we provide customized job experiences that respond to the strengths, challenges and support needs of each individual.


Our goal: An inclusive workplace, people with and without disabilities work together as equal contributors, colleagues, and peers --in the world of eco-fashion.  Fostering an environment that is supportive, collaborative, and inspiring is a top priority. Our team is trained in all aspects of the Inspired-Threads brand, including design and production, customer service, website design, e-commerce, fulfillment, sales, and marketing, etc. 

We Can't Do It Alone.  Inspired-Threads works with vocational training organizations, school districts, job training agencies, and families to design optimal work experiences.  We assess an individual’s skills, perform and/or respond to person-centered plans, facilitate job sampling and evaluation and develop adaptations and customized jobs that create the greatest opportunity for long term success.



The Inspired-Threads team of designers skillfully creates one-of-a-kind blankets using only upcycled apparel, fabric scraps, and other materials otherwise headed to the landfill. Inspired-Threads intercepts and utilizes discarded textiles and, in the process, limited natural resources are conserved and carbon emissions are reduced. 

Inspired-Threads uses quality discarded textiles to create unique custom blankets.  By taking a customer's t-shirts, jerseys, shorts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, dress shirts, etc., and pairing them with cutting room scraps from local fashion designers, we create personalized products that reflect each customer’s unique spirit. Each Inspired-Threads piece is crafted by an inclusive workforce and rescues anywhere from 1 to 5 pounds of clothing and fabric waste.



Through our education and outreach mission, every member of the Inspired-Threads design team is empowered to advocate for themselves and for the rights of all people of all abilities to realize the promise of independence and community that employment brings.

We partner with employment and disability organizations, potential employers and advocacy groups to share our strategies and experiences. By providing best practice models reports, presentations and trainings to other employers, community organizations and agencies, we promote more equity in employment, thereby ensuring successful outcomes for people with significant barriers to employment. We are committed to offering our strategies and challenges for others to build on.  We hope that the Inspired-Threads story will encourage more businesses to think creatively about inclusive employment and see the potential of every employee. Through these collaborations, we also create continuing education, self-advocacy and life-skills enrichment programs that foster independence and success for our employees.