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Margo, aka “Aquagirl,” is our newest Designer at Inspired-Threads. And she’s definitely showing us all how it can be done! Margo got her start behind the sewing machine by making fabric bags to hold items in her purse. Then, she moved on to stitching up purses.


Margo loves creating all kinds of art.  Right now, she's focusing her skills on hand-built ceramic objects and printmaking, including mono-printing, linoleum printing, and etching on plexiglass and copper. She's taken a total of 8 printmaking and ceramics classes at Mercer County Community College over the past few years. She enjoys designing an image and then seeing it printed on paper and fabric. Or, even better, on something wearable like a T-shirt or on a purse!

Where does Margo find her INSPIRATION? First, her love for animals.  Margo’s ceramic designs include cats, penguins, and one of her Disney favorites, Tigger. With her interest in swimming, she favors dolphins, whales, and other sea creatures.  

Margo is a Special Olympics USA and World Games gold-medal swimming champion! She joined Special Olympics when she was 8 years old and has competed in lots of sports. But swimming is her all-time favorite! And she's a leader and advocate. She’s served as a member of Special Olympics New Jersey’s Athlete Congress, representing an athletes’ voice at public events and to the Board of Trustees.

In her free time, Margo enjoys solving jigsaw puzzles, coloring, and doing word searches on her phone or iPad. She has a lot of patience for putting together tiny puzzle pieces on her iPad, a task that other people would find VERY tedious.

MARGO's portfolio

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