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More than a



IT'S INSPIRED BY YOU.  Every single piece of fabric in this blanket (there are a whole lot of them) was selected with YOU in mind.

IT'S ONE-OF-A-KIND.  You can search the whole world over, and you wouldn’t find another blanket that’s just like this one.

IT'S OPPORTUNITY. Each Inspired-Threads blanket translates to 9 hours of gainful employment for our designers -- all who deserve a chance!


IT'S ECO-FRIENDLY. Each Inspired-Threads blanket is made of around 3 lbs. of unrecyclable fabric scraps that are not dumped in the trash.

IT'S UNIQUE, QUIRKY AND PERFECTLY IMPERFECT. Just like our designers.  And just like you!



Step 1.  Rescue fashion trash.

Fashion generates lots and lots of textile waste. Through our amazing partnerships, we take tons (literally) of un-recycleable fabric scraps from NYC’s top designers --- all of it otherwise headed to a landfill.

This fabric scrap pile is in our storage unit.  Crazy, huh?


Step 2.  Sort & stitch.

With the help of amazing volunteers, we sort the scraps by color. Our designers stitch the pieces together to create a flat textile, we call it Re-Fab. With exposed stitching and a mosaic of color, print, and texture, each sheet of Re-Fab is unique and beautiful.


Step 3.  Make it personal

If you have a color theme or pattern that you love (like black & white, or flowers, or plaid), let us know and we'll create a design that matches your style. 


Or, we can also take your t-shirts, jerseys, shorts, sweatshirts, flannels - just about anything that’s made from soft fabric - and stitch it into the blanket to make it even more personal! Our designers spend a lot of time and attention to be sure we are isolating the most important elements and following all customer notes and instructions.


Step 4.  Put it all together.

Re-Fab and the personalized pieces are merged to create the decorative face. We back it with super soft fleece. The result is a cozy keepsake that is designed to tell a story, provide comfort and be used and washed over and over again.


This blanket was made for a scout.  Its got pockets!

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