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This page will replace the "shop" page on our website. Rather than a buy on demand model, it provides information about our different product options, with links to more in depth pages with pictures, and information on how to place orders This is a better fit given our shift away from individual B2C sales and towards more B2B / bulk sales.


Our most popular item! These totes are perfect for shopping, travel, and everyday use! Available in fashion colors and prints, or customize with your logo and colors.


blue seed paper.png
Seed Paper

What do we do with fabric scraps that are too little to sew? We turn them into paper! This handmade paper made out of fabric scraps is doubly green as it contains wildflower seeds. Plant the paper after your finished to watch them grow!

Starting at $1/each

Wine bags (1)_edited.jpg
Bottle Bags

These bottle bags are PERFECT for gifts, giveaways, and thank yous. Fits a standard size wine bottle. Available in custom color combos!



Looking for a cozy way to keep green? Turn your memories into a gorgeous, warm blanket. We can incorporate your own shirts, sweaters, or keepsakes alongside our own fabric scraps. Perfect for a graduation, mothers day, or get well soon gift!


Did you know that the fashion industry is the second biggest polluter in the world!

Inspired threads seeks to be part of the solution by turning fashion waste into something beautiful!

ALL of our products make use of pre-consumer fabric waste. Pre-consumer fabric waste is scrap fabric leftover from design and manufacturing processes. Usually, this beautiful fabric ends up in a landfill. Instead, we take it and turn it into products you'll love!

Saving the planet- one fabric scrap at a time!

Thanks for reaching out! We'll be back in touch real soon!

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