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This page will help us more prominently feature our donation link and also provide space for us to post about other needs such as volunteer needs or item donations. This will replace our gallery and blog tabs, which are not updated any longer.

We will also add a strip to the home page to more prominently feature the donate link

We rely on donations to keep Inspired-Threads running!

Right now, our product sales only  cover our designer's wages. We rely on donations and grants to cover expenses like rent, sewing machines, insurance, thread, and educational programs.

Help support us by donating below!

We always love to invite new friends into our studio!

Our volunteer needs change over time; current needs will be posted here- but please feel free to reach out and share other talents with us!!

Volunteer openings

  • Social Media Volunteer: Keeping up with social media is hard! If you are a social media lover, we would love to have some help taking pictures and videos of our work and keeping our Instagram active.

  • host a sort-a-thon: We have tons and tons of fabric scraps that we recieve in giant garbage bags. We need help going through the fabric and sorting them by color so that they are ready to be turned into fashion! Host a sort-a-thon with your school, girl scout troop, or just come with a friend to our studio! 

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