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Tyffany, better known as Tyff, just celebrated her 31st birthday and is feeling happier than ever. Tyff is the very first designer trained at Inspired-Threads.  She’s been working hard on her serging and sewing skills for 2 years now and she has become really really awesome at it!

Last year, Tyff took an exciting step and moved into her own apartment. Tyff’s apartment is part of a supported housing complex that provides staff to help her with important stuff like grocery shopping, budgeting, cooking, and cleaning. This is great because she’s got access to help while she’s working toward independence. Plus, she was able to bring her dog, Bella, along with her to her new place. So Tyff has her fluffy best friend as a roommate. Bella is a Yorkie Bichon and looks a little like an Ewok from Star Wars. Soooo cute!

Now that she’s got her own place, Tyff has room to stretch her creativity. She’s been having lots of fun crocheting, drawing and, of course, sewing (Tyff’s got her own brand new, fancy sewing machine!)

What else can we tell you about Tyff? She’s a multi-sport athlete. She stays busy all year, training and competing in Special Olympics sports like bowling, soccer, snow-shoeing, basketball, rowing, and track & field.

Fun fact...she’s a collector of all things Snoopy!

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Tyff shares her employment story here as part of the InspiredTHREADS Personal Journeys blog series

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