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Patrice is an artist, athlete, mentor, and totally cool person.  She does have a disability, but honestly, it's probably the least interesting thing about her. Patrice is always full of positive energy and can turn even the most insignificant conversation into something fun! 


Patrice lives independently and her apartment is just like her – eclectic, creative, and perfectly accessorized.  Her apartment is filled with every single craft imaginable.  And a spectacular model train village is on display all year round.  


During the school year, Patrice works as a crossing guard during the school week waving to each vehicle driving by.


Patrice is also a Special Olympics competitive figure skater and proudly displays all her medals along the wall in her apartment. She even sews her own bright, cheerful and, most often, pink costumes. 


While Patrice isn’t sewing, crafting, competing or working, she acts as a mentor to her Special Olympics teammates and donates her unique artwork for public display at local venues. “When you spend your time doing positive things, you don’t have time to get caught up in negative things.” Patrice lives by this motto, and she hopes everyone can do the same.


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