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Sustainable & Ethical Gifts for Mom & Dad

Mother’s and Father’s Day are right around the corner. Here’s how to celebrate your parents with sustainable and ethical gifts this year!

1. A Joyful, Vintage Look from Colorful Nomad

For the parent who loves to stand out, this floral denim jacket is just one of the gorgeous vintage and reworked options from Colorful Nomad that will definitely bring a smile to your face. The joy from these clothes is palpable, and really reflects Colorful Nomad’s mission, which states “Every single one of us matter and we want to let you know that by encouraging you to let your colors shine.”

2. A Custom Blanket from Inspired Threads

Inspired Threads blankets are crafted by artists facing barriers to employment, using upcycled fabric scraps that were headed to the landfill. With both buy-now and fully customizable options, you’re sure to find something to your taste. You can even include your own materials- finally, a use for Dad’s old college t-shirts! And for the parent who knows their own taste best, gift cards are available!

3. Spend some Quality Time Together Learning to Sew or Mend Clothes

Not all gifts need to be physical; take some time with your parent to learn something new! Take a course with Vintage Sewing School with Evelyn Wood, or try out a free DIY tutorial, like this denim jacket from Trash to Couture. Help them bring their old clothes back to life!

4. A Unique Ottoman Made from Old Drawers from Recreated Furniture

Support a small business AND sustainability by ordering one of these one-of-a-kind ottomans crafted out of old drawers. Created by Pam Potenza, an upholstery artist from New Jersey, these ottomans even open up for extra storage.

5. Fashionable Zero-Waste Joggers from Zero Waste Daniel

These joggers are positively perfect for the parent who wants to stay comfy, but still stylish. Available in several styles, these unique pants are crafted from fabrics made from ocean waste and post-industrial plastic. In fact, all of the clothes from Zero Waste Daniel are created using zero-waste and ethical practices. And bonus- Zero Waste Daniel makes genderless clothing, so you’re sure to find something for parents of any gender here!

6. Revive an Old Treasured Outfit by Taking It to a Tailor

We all have that item in our closet that we’ve outgrown but just can’t bear to let go. Whether it’s Dad’s wedding tux, or Mom’s favorite dress from the 80s, bring a smile to their face by bringing it back to life. PLUS, you can support a local business by taking it to your nearby tailor!

7. A Custom-fit Outfit from SmartGlamour

Parents of every body type will be able to feel comfortable in a design from SmartGlamour. Every design from this size-inclusive, ethical shop is available to customize to fit, and there is a large selection of styles and color options. And if you’re unsure of your parent’s measurements, a gift card is a great option!

8. Donate to a Cause They Believe In

Sometimes, the most sustainable option is not buying anything at all. Consider making a donation in your parents’ honor to something they care about, whether that is an advocacy group, a covid relief fund, a scholarship fund, or any number of wonderful causes that need your donations to continue their work!

BONUS: Wrap your Present with Sustainable Gift Wrap from Seeds to Sew

What’s the point of a sustainable gift with wasteful gift wrap? These Enkiteng bags from Seeds to Sew can be used to wrap your present, and can be reused in a multitude of ways! This purchase would also support the education, training, and empowerment of women and girls in disadvantaged communities.


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